Sea Of Spa creates business opportunities and cooperates with distributors and retailers from all over the world, making huge effort to create products suitable for all the different markets.
Our team is ready to get to know you and your needs and to create the perfect opportunity for you!

Please fill in the required details and explain as much as possible about your current or future plans and one of us will be in touch soon.


For small time resellers and for retail buyers that wish to get QUANTITY DISCOUNTS the following rules apply:

The discount will be calculated according to the quantity of each product in the cart separately and not on all of the products combined, it means that you have to buy at least 2 units of the same item for the first level of discount, at least 7 of the same item for the next level etc’.

1 item: No discount
2 – 6 units: 10% discount
7-12 units: 15% discount
13-24 units: 25% discount
25 units or more -> Contact us via the above form

The discount will be calculated automatically per item line in the cart.