Protective Day cream face & baldness

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Men’s facial skin needs care, protection, and especially moisture (oxygen). Daily shaving tends to dry the skin, exposing it to pollution, so daily care to cleanse and nourish the skin keeps the pores clean, provides protection against pollutants in the air, and fights wrinkles.

The unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and bio-mimetic protein, oxygen receptor and hyaluronic acid creates an exclusive moisturizing cream for men. This moisturizer is enriched with active ingredients for maximum retention of a balanced moisture level.

It soothes the skin, helps to treat dryness and fights wrinkles. It leaves the skin feeling comfortable, with a radiant, fresh and supple appearance. It is absorbed quickly, and is suitable for use on the face and bald spot, with a high level of protective sunscreen.

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Spread the cream over the skin with a circular motion until it is absorbed.

For daily use (contains sun screen factor) For face and baldness.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg