Black Pearl Body Scrub 350ml

Body scrub, rich in natural Dead Sea minerals and pure oils. Quickly removes dirt and dead skin cells. Rejuvenates skin cells, leaving your skin silky-smooth, fresh and soft to the touch.

SKU: 7290015754071


Instructions for Use

Apply to damp body skin, rub and rinse. Recommended for daily use.

Sea of Spa harnesses the powers of natural treasures to reveal and
enhance your natural beauty. As the years go by, exposure to airborne
free radicals makes the skin thinner and more brittle. It loses moisture
quickly, becoming both dry and wrinkled. The innovative BLACK
PEARL line is based on a unique, revolutionary complex that helps to
preserve the skin’s healthy functions while preventing the signs of aging.


The BLACK PEARL line gives your skin the best solution for countering the signs
of aging. Each product promotes cell rejuvenation and improves flexibility while
nourishing the skin in the best possible way. After using BLACK PEARL products,
your skin appears vibrant, fresh, radiant, and smooth, with a flawlessly even tone.