Bio Spa Shampoo Olive oil - 780 ml

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This exceptional shampoo from the BIO SPA line is enriched with natural Dead Sea minerals, essential vitamins, oils and pure herbal extracts.
The nourishing shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, providing vital moisture and a natural protective layer.

Enveloping the hair with a subtle, luxurious scent, the shampoo restores and strengthens the hair while promoting better growth.

It leaves hair supple, velvety, and soft to the touch, with a healthy, shining look.

The shampoo’s unique formula contains:
pomegranate extract, carrot oil, sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, lavender oil, aloevera extract, black mud, magnesium and vitamins A, B and E.

Dead Sea Minerals: Encourage scalp renewal and maintain a balanced PH level.

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Includes vitamin E, oleic acid and antioxidants. Hydrates the hair and minimizes the harmful effects of the environment.