Bath Lotion Aloe Vera & Mineral Mud

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Bio spa bath lotion with a delicate fragrance. Provides a soothing bath experience, leaving your skin relaxed and supple. Bio Spa bath lotion contains gentle cleansing agents that contribute to your skin’s health, maintain its natural balance and leave you feeling fresh and clean after every shower.

Mud from the Dead Sea –purifies and strengthens your skin, maintains balanced acidity and leaves your skin silky-smooth to the touch. Aloe Vera-soothes sensitivity and redness and maintains the skin’s natural moisture level. Moisturizing and soothing ingredients leaving your skin smooth and velvety.

Perfumed with a gentle fragrance. Daily use protects skin from dryness and maintains its natural acidity.

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Directions for use: Apply a small quantity of bath lotion to wet skin and massage until rich lather forms. Rinse

Additional information

Weight 0.854 kg