G Force Mask

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Weight 0.23 kg

The mask is enriched with vitamins, pure oils and plant extracts that are vital to the healthy appearance and a unified texture of the skin.

The active ingredients accelerate the cellular dynamics and effectively exfoliate dead cells. The mask purifies and cleanses the skin without drying it, and prepares it for maximum absorption of moisture and nourishment.

It gives the skin a clear, radiant and even tone, a firm and supple look, and a silky smooth texture.

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Apply a uniform layer of texture on clean face in gentle circular  motions. Advisable to avoid the eye area.

After waiting  for about 7 minutes, wrap the stone with magnetic mineral soft tissue, and gently rub the skin movements back and forth, until you remove the mask.

Then, remove with cotton wool and a few facial tonic the remaining lipid layer, And finally rinse with lukewarm water.

There gently pat skin with a soft towel, recommended using twice a week.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg